Nissan Leaf

One of the first large volume production electric cars in the world.

The LEAF is still considered somewhat expensive by many considering the range available (100 Miles on a charge) but it's generally seen as the first EV which could be considered a global contender.

Top speed is often quoted as 90 mph but is actually 99mph (electronically limited).

The car features a high level of interior gadgetry in the form of the usual air-con, sat nav, reversing camera etc.

The car also includes a 3G data connection for the car to download the latest charging points, upload your driving data to a performance tracking website (carwings) and can even download RSS feed from news sites and read the content to you.

Real world driving performance will vary depending on your driving style but heavy acceleration and significant time spent at highway speeds can reduce real world range to approx 70 miles in the worst case. On the other hand, careful low-speed driving has resulted in some owners reporting a range greater than 110 miles.

The LEAF has had one update so far (MK1.5) and expected to see a re-styling and more range in it's next major update.


Production Vehicle Yes
Produced From Jan 2011
Base Price (GBP)21490
Number of Seats5
Number of Doors4
0 to 60 (secs)7.5
Electric Range (Miles)100
Total Range (Miles)100
Domestic Charge Time (Hrs)8
Fast Charge Time (Hrs)0.5
Swappable Battery No

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