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Elon Musk V The SEC: What’s Next — And What Needs To Happen
back in August last year, Elon Musk made a series of tweets about taking Tesla private which upset quite a few people on Wall Street — including the SEC. It cumulated in a court case late last year which saw Musk step down as company Chairman of the Board, retain his position as CEO, pay […]
Battery and Hydrogen Electric Cars Once Shared The Same Problems – But Here’s Why Batteries Won Out
At one point not so long ago, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and electric cars were both faced with massive challenges in their race to become the chosen alternative to fossil fuels. What’s more, those challenges were pretty similar, and both battery electric and hydrogen electric vehicles had poor infrastructure, were expensive to buy, and required […]
Should All New Homes Be Required To Be EV, Battery Backup Ready?
In some parts of the world it’s now required for new homes to be ‘ready for electric cars’, with requirements ranging from extra capacity for charging stations through to actual installation of a charging station. But should it be an international requirement looking forward? Should every country around the world put measures in place to […]

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